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AI & Advertising, a consumer perspective

Digital advertising is a booming industry, and the primary business model sustaining the internet, humanity’s most important communications tool. But as AI-powered advertising grows more pervasive and sophisticated, it is doing so without guardrails.


A report on the potential harms of AI powered advertising, and thoughts on redesigning the system. Artwork by Ellie Shipman.

An Adbreak for Europe

Digital advertising – the business model that underpins most of the internet as we know it today – fails to support or sustain healthy digital spaces that are fit for purpose for the majority of people. 


In this policy brief, developed with Frederike Kaltheuner, and designed by Irene Palacio, we outline the harmful consequences of digital advertising on competition, consumer protection, security, fundamental rights and democracy, and urge the European Commission to act fast and decisively.

Technician with Broken Screen
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