Very Important Things

September 13, 2016

The brilliant Fay Milton from Savages is a climate activist who has embarked upon an interview project, "Very Important Things". In it, Milton talks to some of the world's most passionate people about the topics that are important to them. The results are emotional, heartwarming and hard hitting. 


This week's installment sees Milton talking to Aji Piper, of 'Our Children's Trust', a movement to sue the US government and big corporations for essentially wrecking their future. It's a groundbreaking case which is gaining traction and Piper is compelling viewing.


It represents a shift in the way climate change issues are communicated. From 'big world' and esoteric, to personal and emotional.



It's not the first time Milton has leant her voice to climate action. Check out the 'Rebel Playlist' she created for hedonistic activists, The Future last year.


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